Escalator skirt plate guide block step guide bar slider nylon 330*30*13 suitable for Schindler 9300

Escalator guide block slider is an important component in the escalator system. It is mainly used to keep the escalator steps running on the correct track and provide a smooth riding experience.    

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 Brand  Type  Long  Width  Pitch  Material  Use for  Applicable
 General  330*30*13  300mm  130mm  84mm Nylon  Escalator step  Schindler 9300 escalator
The function of escalator guide block slider Guidance function: The escalator guide block slider is installed on the load-bearing frame of the escalator. By cooperating with the track, it ensures that the escalator steps run along the predetermined track. The design and installation position of the guide block slider enable the steps to remain stable in both horizontal and vertical directions and prevent them from deviating from the track. Shock absorption: The escalator guide block slider is generally made of wear-resistant rubber material and has good shock absorption and shock absorption properties. They reduce vibration and noise as the steps pass over the guide block sliders, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride. Maintenance and adjustment: The escalator guide block slider can be easily maintained and adjusted. They often have an adjustable design, allowing engineers to make adjustments as needed to ensure step guidance and smooth operation.1. Does the product or packaging support customization? Support product or packaging OEM. 2. What advantages do you have in your peers? We have cooperated with OTIS, Thyssen, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Step, Monarch and other international famous brands all the year round. It can meet customers "one-stop, diversified" procurement needs. 3. What is the product warranty period? How to carry out after-sales service of the product? All our products are guaranteed for one year; we have an after-sales technical team of more than ten people, serving you 24 hours a day. 4. What payment methods are available? T/T, VISA, Mastercard, e-checking, L/C, paypal. 5. Which countries and regions are the products mainly exported to? Our products are mainly exported to the Russian-speaking market.

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