YZ-TS177-201 escalator pedal cover switch QM177GY1 XAA177HP1 suitable for Otis elevator

The escalator cover switch is an important safety device in the escalator system. It is usually installed on the cover of the escalator and is used to monitor the status of the cover and trigger corresponding actions when necessary.  

Products Details

Brand Type Applicable
 OTIS  YZ-TS177-201/QM177GY1/XAA177HP1 Otis escalator
TS177-201 and QM177GY1 are common, please refer to the model for details. QM177GY1 is the front model, XAA177HP1 and XAA177HP2 are the side part numbers, which are actually the same product.1. Does the product or packaging support customization? Support product or packaging OEM. 2. What advantages do you have in your peers? We have cooperated with OTIS, Thyssen, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Step, Monarch and other international famous brands all the year round. It can meet customers "one-stop, diversified" procurement needs. 3. What is the product warranty period? How to carry out after-sales service of the product? All our products are guaranteed for one year; we have an after-sales technical team of more than ten people, serving you 24 hours a day. 4. What payment methods are available? T/T, VISA, Mastercard, e-checking, L/C, paypal. 5. Which countries and regions are the products mainly exported to? Our products are mainly exported to the Russian-speaking market.

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